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NBA 2012-13 Eastern Conference Preview



Let’s start our preview with the Eastern Conference. Overall, many teams here are a mess. Unbalance of veteran and youth players, free agents gone for very little, and franchise crippling injuries. Of course, this is home to the world champion Miami Heat, so that’s something…


Two very veteran (READ: old) teams, two very young (READ: inexperienced) teams, and Jay-Z (READ: distraction).

Boston Celtics

Jason Terry may be an upgrade to Ray Allen, but you can’t convince me overpaying for Jeff Green was the right move. The C’s still rely too much on Kevin Garnett and his creaky body. Last year was their final push. Note that I believe I said the same thing last year, so you know…

Brooklyn Nets

New town. New arena. New slutty looking cheerleaders. Throw in a Jay-Z christening of their new home, the resigning of Deron Williams, the Joe Johnson acquisition, and this looks like the coolest low playoff seed in the league.

New York Knicks

Adding Jason Kidd and letting Jeremy Lin leave was a major mistake regardless of the spin put on by the Knicks brass. A’mare and Carmelo will have to make it work – if not, expect one of them to be gone by New Year’s.

Philadelphia 76ers

Did they add a healthy Andrew Bynum, or injured one? Also, is Jrue Holiday ready to lead this team? Lots of questions I don’t believe anyone has the answers to yet. This team could finish anywhere from a second seed to missing the playoffs. Stay tuned.

Toronto Raptors

IF they can stay healthy we may finally see what the youth movement of the past few years is all about. A BIG IF!

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Due to injuries and unbalance the Central is where to find the middle of the pack, plus Detroit and Cleveland.

Chicago Bulls

No Rose, no problem…unless you are talking a championship, then it’s a big problem.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The rebuild continues. Hey, at least the people of Cleveland will have something other than the Browns to watch. If any city needs a distraction…

Detroit Pistons

When you are banking on Greg Monroe to make the leap to superstar you are not in a good place.

Indiana Pacers

Good solid team, good enough to win the Central Division. That’s probably it; hopefully that’s enough for them.

Milwaukee Bucks

Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis make up a thin back court. The front court has two hundred options (Gooden, Henson, Przybilla, Sanders, Dalembert, Ilyasova, etc..). Either Coach Skiles is going to do a lot of shuffling, or expect a trade coming soon! I vote for the latter.


With the defection of Dwight Howard, Miami may have a chance to win 70 plus games during the regular season.

Atlanta Hawks

Yes, Joe Johnson left, but I believe this is a good thing. Don’t forget about the front court of Josh Smith and Al Horford – one of the best in the game today. Miami’s only “challenge” in this division.

Charlotte Bobcats

Rumor has it Michael Jordan shot two under par at TPC Sawgrass earlier this month. He also smoked three cigars during the round. In case you can’t tell, I really have nothing to say about this team.

Miami Heat

Ray Allen will fit perfectly as a three-point specialist. They are the favorites to repeat and should easily rise to the top of the East.

Orlando Magic

They gave away their franchise centerpiece center to Los Angeles. To quote Yogi Berra: “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

Washington Wizards

I think I speak for many when I say, “They still have a team?”, then think about and wonder, “Is John Wall ever going to live up to the hype?”



By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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