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Mike D’Antoni has a lot to prove with the Lakers



Its official, the Lakers have a head coach and it is something that nobody saw coming. Instead of Phil Jackson returning to the Lakers for a third time the Lakers chose Mike D’Antoni to be the 24th head coach in franchise history, and you can count me as one of many Lakers fans that was scratching their heads. When the Lakers fired Mike Brown last week D’Antoni’s name did come up as candidates to replace him and I did not want the Lakers to hire him, because of his coaching style and on Sunday when I turned on the TV my nightmare came true as the Lakers indeed chose D’Antoni to be their head coach.


In an official statement from the Lakers spokesperson they said that both Jim Buss and Mitch Kolchak decided that D’Antoni was a better fit for the Lakers current roster than Phil Jackson. That makes no sense at all, Phil Jackson is arguably the greatest professional basketball coach of all time and he can fit well with any roster; on the other side this roster in my opinion does not fit Mike D’Antoni at all. Anybody who has watched D’Antoni coached teams from the Phoenix Suns to the New York Knicks know that D’Antoni wants shooters and small players to play in his offense. He has the infamous 7 seconds or less offense which in my book is not a real offense. The main fact about D’Antoni is that his teams don’t play defense, they always rank in the bottom half in every defensive category and everybody knows if you want to win championships you need to be able to play defense. The Lakers front office say that this team is built to win a championship now, but I don’t understand the message that they are sending with the Mike D’Antoni hiring if they are serious about that claim.

Now that I have discussed the bad about Mike D’Antoni I will give him credit for what he has done in this league. He did help Steve Nash win back to back MVP awards as well as the lead the Phoenix Suns to the Western Conference Finals. I also believe that D’Antoni’s up tempo style will help the Lakers, and when I say up tempo style I don’t mean the 7 seconds or less offense I mean an up tempo offense as far as more pick and roll with Steve Nash. D’Antoni is well respected by the entire league and everybody on the Lakers roster are excited about D’Antoni as the new head coach including Kobe Bryant which is always a plus so he will come in and have the respect of the players. Mike D’Antoni still needs a successful first season convince me and Lakers nation that this was a good hire. With the talent on this team for them to not reach the Western Conference Finals or the NBA Finals would be a disappointment. This year all eyes will not be on the Lakers, but Mike D’Antoni, because if he can’t get this team to where they should be the Lakers could be doing another coaching search in the offseason.


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By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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