Quantcast 2012 Miami Heat Basketball: LeBron James NBA Finals Timeline





How did LeBron James turn from top prospect to MVP to villain to underdog to champion in just a few years? Well, it’s not that simple. The way I will remember it is like this. First, the High School blue chipper and hometown Cavaliers stars align. Looking back it didn’t seem too strange that James and the big town Cleveland Cavs would join forces…it just seemed right. Question: Did anyone picture James holding a trophy in a Cavs uniform? Me neither. Years would pass. MVP awards and All-Star games would pass as well with no championships. As an unrestricted free agent James would make a bad decision. IF he was going to announce that he was staying in Cleveland and all the proceeds of “The Decision” was going to charity (which was the case) no problem; however, announcing he was “taking his talents to South Beach” it didn’t matter if he had personally saved 100 lives that day. LeBron was now joining forces with the elite Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh at Club South Beach in Miami. Complete with black “evil” uniforms and a cocky “8 title” prediction, James was officially the villain, hated by millions. Then a funny thing happened. After his admitted collapse against Dallas in the 2011 finals, James became more humble, and MORE dedicated. No distractions could take away his goal. There were no smiles. Despite heavy weights like San Antonio/Oklahoma City and veteran savvy Boston in the way nothing would stop him this time. Also, it was clearer to see the lack of support on the Miami Heat. The make-shift mix of specialists and bench warmers were not championship caliber. During the last two months the media had shifted James from the villain to underdog role.

We now know how this story ends (for now). James was brilliant in the NBA Finals, both individually and maximizing the talents of the team surrounding him. LeBron is finally hoisting the trophy that has eluded him up to this point. Last night, James smiled. Let’s hope he keeps the smile for a couple days and doesn’t make any predictions. Congratulations LeBron, you beat the media!





By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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