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The Dallas Mavericks & The Lost Season


On June 12th, 2011 the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA title in franchise history. Now let us fast forward to May 5th 2012, The Dallas Mavericks get swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder. How is it you ask that a year ago the defending world champions could beat the same Oklahoma City team in five games and a year later get swept? Allow me to retort. After all the dust settled from winning a championship last summer, the offseason began with some hurdles that included a lockout. The lengthy lockout caused many players including Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki to show up to camp out of shape, in fact Dirk needed to sit out four games in January to get back into basketball shape. Once the new CBA was signed it prevented Cuban the opportunity to bring back the same championship roster to defend the crown.

In free agency mistakes were made that ultimately dismissed this team’s chances of repeating as champions. One player, Lamar Odom. Disappointing. Soft. Quitter. These are many of the words to describe the thirty one year old forward. His actions ever since becoming a Maverick this past fall made Odom a punch line around the city of Dallas. His time as a Maverick was one of the most bizarre situations this city has seen in a long time. Reports that Odom would skip practice, show up late to meetings, missed a week of games for no particular reason and still having the audacity to request a meeting with Cuban to discuss a buyout from the team because he was “unhappy” is just unheard for any player to do in any sport. Cuban did the right thing by sending Lamar home. As Dirk said “If the Lamar thing would have worked out and if he would have played like the year before when he was the best sixth man I think we would have had a shot.” To sum up the Odom saga in Dallas, Lam Lam will go down as one of the worst Maverick players of all time. Odom gave us false hope and ended up being a huge distraction that ultimately hurt this team in more ways than one.



After seeing the Thunder reach the paint without ease numerous times against Dallas this postseason, it made realize what a mistake Mark Cuban made by not resigning the heart of our defense last year. The biggest lost in free agency that comes to mind? Oh I don’t know how about the best five this franchise has ever seen. By not resigning Tyson Chandler, Dallas never filled the void that Chandler filled. Tyson was more than a big body. Tyson brought toughness and defensive leadership that Brandon Haywood or Ian Mahimi clearly do not have. Some might argue that Cuban was saving his ammunition for this summer in hopes of signing Deron Williams and Dwight Howard. Yes, Williams is arguably the best point guard in the NBA but on the other hand team management was sending the remaining players on this team the wrong message that they were not willing to put everything into defending the crown this season. A move that told an aging Dirk that management was willing to sacrifice a year of Dirk Nowitzki’s prime even though his window is getting smaller and smaller. Jason Terry took it as a subliminal message and decided that his time in Dallas was done and every night was just an audition for his services to the other 29 teams in the NBA as he stated himself. Terry even went as far as saying he wouldn’t mind playing alongside Lebron James and Dwayne Wade next year. Clearly another unnecessary distraction this team encountered this season.

So as the 2012 season ends with yet another first round exit, a scene that we are way too familiar with definitely makes me appreciate more what a special moment it was this past June. Now all our hopes lie to this summer. Will D-Will the hometown kid from The Colony decide to come home and sign with the Dallas? If Deron Williams decides to stay put and play for Jay-Z’s Brooklyn Nets, then what? A reunion with Steve Nash? Goran Dragic? Greg Oden? Roy Hibbert? Have we seen the last of Jason Terry? Jason Kidd? Ian Mahimi? Roddy B? Delonte West? Who will receive amnesty provision? Brandon Haywood? or Shawn Marion? Will Cuban resign Coach Carlisle? What kind of trade deal can management pull off to ship Lamar Odom out of Dallas? Only one thing is for sure, all eyes will be on Mark Cuban this summer. Stay Tuned.


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By: Alonzo Olmedo
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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