Quantcast 2012 NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City THunder


The NBA Finals: Observations and Ramblings



It’s finally here, we are down to two: the Miami Heat and the Big 3 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder and their Big 3. Eastern conference physical defense versus up and down the court West Coast style basketball. Who has the advantage? The Thunder have home court and youth on their side while the Heat have sunshine and the best player in the league. Here are a few additional observations…

1. LeBron James 76 points in games 6 and 7 is one of the greatest performances in NBA post season history. NOTE: It will be two important games in NBA history that will be forgotten if James doesn’t close the deal and win his first championship.

2. In order to have a chance against Oklahoma City, the Miami Heat will need Game 7 Chris Bosh. Not necessarily the three-point attempts, but hey, whatever works.

3. When you hear Durant/Westbrook/Harden vs. James/Wade/Bosh and the latter is the OLD seasoned veteran group how old do you feel?

4. Can Miami win a close game where clutch shots are required? Will they need to? Still TBD!

5. Can we please have James Harden fake beard night in Oklahoma City? Please!!!

6. So does everyone in Cleveland root hard for the Thunder? If so, can we all agree this is the top sports grudge of all-time!

7. For post-game comments can we have Larry Bird give his opinion on which team was “softer?”

8. Oklahoma City hosting the NBA finals is awesome for the city and the NBA. Great fans and great atmosphere!

9. Reasons why to root for Miami to lose: a) off-season “big 4” trade talk. b) The LeBron enigma continues. c) They continue to play the role of villains, next year EVEN DARKER BLACK UNIFORMS!

10. Reasons to root for Miami to win: a) start of a dynasty which is good for a sport where the Spurs may be officially done. b) For the few outside of Miami rooting for James, it is a feel good story…a short lasting one, but feel-good nonetheless. c) Because with the sunshine, beaches, hard bodies, etc… Miami could really use another NBA championship as well…as if they don’t have enough already!

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By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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