Quantcast 2012 NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City THunder


The NBA Finals: Thoughts, Observations, and Predictions



1. The LeBron James / Tiger Woods paths have crossed arcs again. Woods, up after two days only to falter on Saturday and Sunday and James up 2-1 looking to get “over the hump.” Of course the differences are many…one is Tiger has already tasted victory, many times, and the other is that James is focused and hasn’t been spending his time banging through a list of porn stars and wannabe actresses. So…yea, maybe on second thought, these are very separate paths.

2. REMEMBER: Oklahoma City only needs to win 1 in Miami to regain home court advantage. A Game 4 or Game 5 victory instantly swings the series back in the favor of The Thunder. YES, I’m here to do the easy lifting.

3. Maybe Game 7 is the most exciting, but Game 5 (in hindsight) is often most important. Anyone else feeling Game 5 could be the decider of this battle?

4. CLASS IS IN and Kevin Durant is receiving lessons on experience, defense, and “missed” calls.

5. Defense still rules!

6. In case anyone forgot…Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh contributions are still required.

7. What are the odds of a Russell Westbrook implosion? If the series continues its current track and becomes even more physical I believe we are moving into 50% chance territory.

8. I’m saying there is a 75% chance this series goes 7 games.

9. Is there a chance we could see a Game 7, down to the wire, with the ball in LeBron James hands? My heart just stopped.

10. Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. On to the predictions:

Game 4 prediction: Thunder 104, Heat 98

Game 5 prediction: Heat 92, Thunder 87.

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By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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