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The ALL-TIME Greatest NBA Nicknames


After the Chris Paul deal was FINALLY completed it felt like only minute passed before the L.A. Clippers franchise was anointed the nickname “Lob City.” Sports and nicknames have always gone together like rock stars and drugs, but the NBA has definitely been the heroin of this practice. In celebration of “Lob City” a look at the great NBA player nicknames, breaking them down from undeserving to funny to the all-time greats.

The honorable mentions

Robert Parrish “The Chief”

Clyde “The Glide” Drexler

Robert Horry "Big Shot Rob

Andrei Kirilenko "AK47"

David Robinson "The Admiral"

James Worthy "Big Game James"


The compliments

(Nicknames handed out based on unique skill set)

Hakeem Olajuwon “The Dream”

Stacey Augmon "Plastic Man"

Tim Duncan "The Big Fundamental"

Allen Iverson "The Answer"

Gary Payton "The Glove”

Shawn Marion "The Matrix"

Dwyane Wade "Flash"

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The undeserving

Vince Carter "Air Canada" / "Half Man Half Amazing" (both well deserving for a couple years until he quit on Toronto and the Canada)

Steve Francis "Stevie Franchise" (this one could also be place under The Funny)

Stephon Marbury "Starbury" (at least he got a shoe deal out of this)


The Funny

Daryl Dawkins “Chocolate Thunder” and Jason Williams “White Chocolate” (two different eras two very different games)

Charles Barkley “Round Mound of Rebound” (anytime weight is factored into a nickname = always funny)

Rafer Alston “Skip To My Lou”

Larry Bird “The Hick from French Lick” (Bird gets two entries, SEE The best)

Wilt Chamberlain “Wilt the Stilt”

Darko Milicic “The Human Victory Cigar” (because his court appearances are at the end of blowouts)

Steve Nash “Hair Canada”

Sam Perkins “Big Smooth” (aka “the guy who ALWAYS looked very stoned”)

Dennis Rodman “The Worm” (did you know that this nickname came from how he played pinball and NOT his looks? Me neither.)



LeBron James "King James”


The best

Pete Maravich “Pistol” (without ever seeing Maravich play you already have an idea what he brought to the table)
Vinny Johnson “The Microwave” (nothing better than Johnson “warming up”)

Nate Archibald “Tiny” (such a good nickname that most know him as Tiny Archibald)

Larry Bird “Larry Legend”

Julius Erving "Dr. J"

Michael Jordan "Air Jordan"

Karl Malone "The Mailman”

Jerry West "The Logo" (mail delivered to the town of Chelyan, West Virginia, where West was born, was too small to have a post office so his mail was delivered attention: Mr. Logo.)


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