Quantcast 2012-2013 NBA Preview: NBA Team Over/Under Win Totals


NBA 2012-13 Season Preview: Over/Under Edition



Enough about who are the favorites to win the championship, make the playoffs, or win 70 games this season. Instead, let’s take a look at the over/under for wins set by the Las Vegas Hilton. As always, I will revisit at the season end (provided I hit at least .500) or not (assuming less than .500).


Five teams set to beat expectations.

1. Charlotte Hornets (19.5 games)

Like most professional leagues, anyone can beat anyone on a given night. Throw in home court advantage and a good draft and the Hornets will improve their win total to somewhere in the twenties.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (31.5 games)

With Kyrie Irving ready to make his first leap and a strong (yes young, but strong) supporting cast this will be a team that surprises a lot of middle-of-the-road teams and may even find themselves in the race for the final playoff seed.

3. Miami Heat (60 games)

If healthy they could make a run at 70 games. It all comes down to motivation which makes this “over” pick a little shaky.

4. Milwaukee Bucks (37.5 games)

A backcourt that can score each night and a frontcourt that should defend each night equals a team that should hang pretty close to .500 (or 41 wins).

5. Sacramento Kings (29.5 games)

This is my surprise pick. Tyreke Evans seems like a “contract year” type player. Given this, I am expecting big things from him.

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Five teams that will struggle to hit their projections.

1. Boston Celtics (50.5 games)

This seems pretty realistic IF everyone stays healthy. Everyone will NOT stay healthy for the veteran C’s.

2. Chicago Bulls (48 games)

Too many question marks surrounding Derrick Rose and company; It will be close, but I predict 44-45 wins is where this team will finish.

3. Denver Nuggets (49.5 games)

Yes, they improved with acquiring Andre Iguodala, but if you are like me you believe they peaked last year and we will see some regression, plus George Karl has now spent a lot of time in Denver, just saying!

4. Indiana Pacers (50.5 games)

This year’s favorite pre-season most improved team pick. I’m not buying it and expect the Pacers to be in the low 40’s for wins once it’s all said and done.

5. New York Knicks (45.5 games)

Even with Carmelo Anthony I see an old team destined to struggle.



By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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