Quantcast 2012 NBA Playoffs: NBA Playoff Update


NBA Playoffs: Round 1 Updates and Observations

We are past the mid-point of round 1 of the NBA playoffs. Here’s an update:


Knicks vs. Heat

The Miami Heat have saved their best defense for the playoffs. Sure, LeBron is destroying a depleted Knicks team, but it wouldn’t change if Stoudemire, Lin, and Shumpert were all there. This isn’t a classic Knicks/Heat matchup. This looks like a 2 seed vs. a 7 seed. Heat up 3-0.

Mavericks vs. Thunder

This was everyone’s favorite upset pick, which on paper (last year’s champions) really didn’t seem that farfetched, of course these predictions didn’t take into account Kevin Durant doing his pre-six championships Michael Jordan impersonation. The only question is how this will translate in the later rounds. Dallas has provided little challenge for the hungry youth from Oklahoma City. Thunder up 3-0.

76ers vs. Bulls

Derrick Rose is out. Regardless of whether you are a Chicago Bulls fan or not, this one is sad. Series tied 1-1.

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Magic vs. Pacers

Hey, I like the “there is no 1 man” Indiana Pacers approach, BUT if there was ever a series made for NBA TV… Pacers up 2-1.

Jazz vs. Spurs

So does everyone who works in the NBA marketing department jump up and scream “NOOOOO!” after each Spurs win? This team could march their way to the finals. Hypothetical Question: If the Spurs and Pacers met in the finals would it count if no one watched (or had NBA TV)? Spurs up 2-0.

Clippers vs. Grizzlies

This is turning into a great series. After an incredible game 1 comeback by the L.A. Clippers, the Memphis Grizzlies held their own in game 2. If you are a basketball fan see for yourself and watch game 3! Series tied 1-1.

Nuggets vs. Lakers

Round 2: Lakers vs. Thunder, Lakers vs. Thunder, Lakers vs. Thunder… Lakers up 2-0.

Celtics vs. Hawks

Here’s the thing, Atlanta has a lot of talent and it appears Josh Smith continues to approve (which should be scary for the rest of the league). The question is can they beat a veteran Celtics team running on pride? Not sure, but am sure this is not a championship team. They are somewhere in between. Hey, it could be worse Atlanta fans (SEE: Milwaukee Bucks fans). Series tied 1-1.



By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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