Quantcast 2012 NBA News & Rumors: Top Ten Questions for 2012-2013


NBA 2012-13 Preview: Ten Burning Questions That Do Not Reference Jeremy Lin



As our season preview continues we scan the league looking for answers to questions – all while tongue is firmly planted in cheek…

1. When the very veteran Boston Celtics and even more veteran New York Knicks play, what are the odds a spontaneous game of shuffleboard will take over the second half?

2. Chances a “bored” LeBron James starts the first half of the season averaging 4 points/2 rebounds/3 assists only to turn it up to during the second half and average 34 points/20 rebounds/ 18 assists, finishing the season averaging a triple double?

3. When Steve Nash eventually writes his autobiography, will he refer to Kobe as a dick?

4. Will the Indiana Pacers finally hire John (Cougar) Mellancamp to write a song for them titled “Middle of the Road?”

5. Is this the year Tim Duncan and the Spurs tank in hopes of drafting another Tim Duncan?

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6. How long before Donald Sterling tries to package Blake Griffin and Chris Paul for Jeremy Lin? (SORRY – couldn’t resist – in my defense, I did make it all the way to question 6.)

7. How long will Scott Skiles be out on “mental” leave due to his backcourt of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis?

8. Now that Joe Johnson has left can the Atlanta Hawks afford to host a Joe Johnson appreciation night?

9. Which quarter will the first stabbing occur when the Knicks leave the friendly confines of Madison Square Garden and travel to Brooklyn?

10. How long before Anthony Davis is found after practice, sobbing in the corner, wiping his tears away with his Kentucky jersey?



By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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