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NBA 2012-13 Western Conference Preview



Comparing the West to the East is not apples to apples. It’s more like apples (West) and maggot ridden rotten bananas (East). Here’s a look at the Western Conference divisions.


This is truly the up-and-coming division, featuring last year’s Western Conference champions and a lot of up and down (SEE: Old School) fast break basketball.

Denver Nuggets

During last year’s playoffs the Nuggets made a clear statement that they can play spoiler to the top seeded favorites. Expect more of the same this year, adding Andre Iguodala only makes them better.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Assuming Ricky Rubio is back, we will get to see a full year of Kevin Love and Rubio playing a fast temp and exciting basketball for the first time in the land of lakes since…well since Marbury and Garnett.

Oklahoma City Thunder

This one is tough. Have they peaked and regress or do they have one more level in them? What about James Harden? What about his beard?

Portland Trail Blazers

Tough division for the Blazers; Hey, at least people have stopped calling them Jail Blazers, right? (This has stopped, correct?)

Utah Jazz

Sometime in March four teams will be competing for the final playoff spot and Utah will be one of them. This isn’t being psychic when it happens every year.


If you live in Southern California you have reason to be excited…if not, well, someone has to finish in the bottom of the conference and this year it’s your team.

Golden State Warriors

If Andrew Bogut plays healthy for the whole year I take back what I say and believe the Warriors my actual make the playoffs. By the way…there is no way that happens.

Los Angeles Clippers

We know what Chris Paul brings to the table. If the Clippers are going to advance to the next level it will need to come from Blake Griffin’s growth in the form of skills and maturity. Last year’s “bad body language” during the playoffs should not happen EVER again.

Los Angeles Lakers

Can Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant co-exist? Of course they can if it means they win a championship. If not, expect problems…Kobe sized problems!

Phoenix Suns

With the loss of Steve Nash they have lost their identity; time to begin combing Canada for their next two-time MVP.

Sacramento Kings

Where are they moving to again? Las Vegas? If so, can we please move this along.

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Three major playoff teams, one team loaded for a trade, and Anthony Davis

Dallas Mavericks

Each year Mark Cuban and his Mavericks attempt to reload talent around Dirk Nowitzki hoping for one last run. The one year I didn’t expect them to do it they won a championship. I sort of feel the same way this year so watch out…

Houston Rockets

Yao Ming didn’t bring a title to Houston and there is a good chance Jeremy Lin won’t either. Still, it should be a fun ride for all involved. Question: Does Lin put up 30+ in one or both games against New York this year?

Memphis Grizzlies

A touch playoff team that doesn’t have “the man” to make it happen; in fact I would say Coach Hollins has gotten more effort out of his roster than other coaches dream.

New Orleans Hornets

Anthony Davis! Unibrow Night! Anthony Davis!

San Antonio Spurs

They will be in the playoff hunt, championship discussion, and receive very little media coverage…just the way they like it.




By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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