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Friday night, watching the kid (so no drinking because I’m not a shitty parent), and frozen tacos. I’m most interested in the Pistons vs. Bucks, but let’s face it, that game may not even be on in their cities. So I’m going to watch the ESPN Friday night game, Chicago vs. New York and watch the ticker for the Bucks score. What could make this activity more boring? I should blog about it.

The game features Carmelo Anthony’s return after his suspension (received for following Kevin Garnett and “haunting” him). Hubie Brown is announcing so I’m holding out hope he will refer to Joakim Noah as a “Fucking Warrior.” This is really all I have in my life tonight.

I love Jason Kidd (always have), but no one bricks a three pointer like him. NO ONE! Carlos Boozer’s beard, Richard Hamilton’s facemask, and Noah’s hair makes the Bulls look like colorful serial killers. Not a bad look for a “defense first” basketball team. Anyone remember Tyson Chandler being drafted by the Bullls? Seems like 35 years ago. Now I also feel VERY old…15-8 Bulls at the first break. Noah’s “push” jump shot looks like the shot my mom used to make (when she elected to not underhand her shots). I will note though that Noah’s percentage is higher. Mom never made shit. At 4:28 left in the quarter there is a goal tending call against Chicago. THIS is the best offensive set by New York so far tonight. The game has a DEFENSIVE and GRITTY feel to it. Not sure who will win, but know that the viewers are typical the losers in these games. Luckily the game picks up a little in the end, but Chicago is still in control, 29-18.

Quick Facetime with my wife so she can see our son, he is all smiles. THANK GOD he is in a good mood and doesn’t make me look like an Asshole! What did I miss? Nothing, it’s the first half of an NBA game. In fact the quarter is essentially a Bulls run, then a Knicks run, and then Luol Deng murders the Knicks. It’s 57-36, Bulls, at the half.

Just saw the new DirectTV commercial. Here’s how I’m guessing it went down in advertising:
SOME GUY WHO REFUSES TO WEAR A TIE: So we can go with the features, new improvements, or show a girl with a TV in her crotch.
BOSS (who always wears a blue tie): Let’s go with the girl with the TV in her crotch. Where’s lunch?

Is it just me or is Bill Simmons a full goatee away from transforming into Jim Rome? There should be a 30/30 on this…

By the numbers
29: points by Luol Deng
3: on 1 fast break blown by New York
1: diaper changes
82-60: Chicago over New York

Anything as tasty as and more processed than Jose Ole’ Frozen Mini Tacos? I SAY NO. I eat 1000 of them. Bucks and Pistons game going back and forth while the Knicks continue to put together small runs and the Bulls hold them back. Celebrities in the audience: Woody Allen, Jon Stewart, and of course Spike Lee (who is now more famous for being a Knicks fan than his movies IMO!)
Final Score: BULLS 108, KNICKS 101…PISTONS 103, BUCKS 87…

If you’ll excuse me I have baby bottles to wash and tequila to drink. DON’T JUDGE ME…



by David Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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