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Jim Buss is letting his ego get the best of him



The Lakers have had a very interesting start to their season so far. They came into the season with high expectations after acquiring both Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, they rebuilt a bench that was ranked last in scoring a season ago and they had a full offseason and training camp to understand Mike Brown’s offense. It seemed like this year the Lakers were on track to be much better than they were in the lockout shortened season, but then came the 1-4 start to the season and the Mike Brown firing a day later. After publicly stating his confidence in Mike Brown after the Lakers slow start Jim Buss decided hours later to fire Mike Brown. It was shocking from sports analysts to some fans that the Lakers decided to fire their head coach this early in the season. General Manager Mitch Kupchak released a statement saying that the Lakers front office did not see any improvement through the Lakers slow start and they felt a coaching change was necessary. Even though Mitch Kupchak released a statement saying that it was an organization decision I believe that it was more of what Jim Buss wanted.


Everybody knows that Lakers vice president Jim Buss is one who always wants to make the decisions and he wants to be the one in charge. What Jim Buss doesn’t understand is that maybe he doesn’t understand the whole business side of running an organization, especially one like the Lakers. It all started with Jim Buss’ desire to not trade Andrew Bynum; many fans wanted the Lakers to trade Bynum to get a star player, but Jim Buss always blocked any kind of trade that the Lakers were thinking about involving Bynum until this past offseason when they acquired Dwight Howard. Then of course is the talked about rivalry that he had with head coach Phil Jackson. There have been speculations that the reason why Mike D’Antoni was chosen as head coach of the Lakers over Phil Jackson is, because Jim Buss simply did not want Phil Jackson. Of course we will probably never know the truth, but some of the facts stand out about when Phil Jackson retired Jim Buss got rid of almost every Lakers personnel that had ties to Phil Jackson such as scouts or trainers. Another glaring fact is that after years as the General Manager fans and people know that Mitch Kupchak doesn’t make these kinds of moves. He doesn’t fire a head coach this early in the season and Mitch Kupchak probably hires Phil Jackson if he had the authority to do so.

This is the point I’m making about Jim Buss. You have a great General Manager in Mitch Kupchak who keeps proving time and time again that he is the perfect guy for the job and he knows how to put together a winning team, but Jim Buss wants all the power and the credit. He not only wants to be the vice president, but he wants to the general manager as well. If anything this is what can keep the Lakers from winning a championship is the fact that Jim Buss has too big of an ego and he is unwilling to let people in the front office do their job. This is the last think the Lakers need, because with so much pressure on this team already the next thing you need is the guy in charge to have an ego that everybody can see no matter how hard he tries to hide it.


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By: Steven Virden
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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