Offseason NBA Roster Moves

Sportsbook betting involves many key metrics in order to place the most educated wager possible. In fact, sports book odds need to take into account various aspects of any game. Regardless of the sport being played, the most astute professionals need to carefully analyze teams, players, strategies and past performances. It is just as important to consider off-season roster moves as it is critical to follow a team's activities during an active year. A perfect example of this can be seen in those low profile trade moves that will help define the 2014 NBA season. So, let us take a quick look at some of the most striking examples of this strategy that we have witnessed thus far into the off-season.

Archie Goodwin Drafted by the Phoenix Suns

Although Mr. Goodwin is still considered a rookie in the industry, his six-foot five-inch height certainly makes him a viable contender. The main evidence of his physical prowess was exhibited in the fact that he came in only two sports clear of the second round NBA draft pick. Although some are looking towards the Miami Heat to post a formidable 2014 performance, additions such as Goodwin represent a real threat that may very well shift the balance of power. It is already a foregone conclusion that online betting enthusiasts will keep a close eye on this young man.

Kosta Koufos

The Memphis Grizzlies have surprised and elated many fans such as those that visit the online sportsbook at by purchasing Koufos for the 2014 season. Some may view Koustos as a rather dark horse as opposed to illustrious lineups that are seen with the Miami Heat, but his solid game play and formidable offensive capabilities certainly account for his desirability. A handful of the best sportsbook platforms are already under the opinion that he may represent a potential game changer for the 2014 season. Some will see this strategy put forth by the Grizzlies to be reminiscent of the pragmatic stance taken by many teams in the National Hockey League. Finally, as Koustos boasts an impressive 13.3 per cent rebound possession, his defensive qualities are also some of the most notable in the league.

Jermaine O'Neal

It is impossible to deny the effect that NBA veterans will have on a team. Not only will they bring an unrivaled set of skills, but they can serve as the emotional lynchpin for a team to rally around. Perhaps this was the strategy in mind when the Golden State Warriors picked Mr. O'Neal and his seventeen year history. Although Jermaine missed a sizable amount of games last season, free sports betting enthusiasts are counting on his experience in no less than six All-Star games to bridge the gap for whatever bench time he served in the 2013 season. Indeed, this veteran's expertise may go a long way in increasing the odds that the Warriors will present a powerful showing in 2014.

Luis Scola

Many of those who regularly follow popular social media platforms for the NBA have touted the recent acquisition of Mr. Scola by the Indiana Pacers to be the smartest behind-the-scenes moves so far in the 2013 off-season. He has only missed eight games in the six seasons that he has played professionally and bookmaker sportsbook sites favour this talent to continue being a focal point of most NBA teams. In fact, most analysts believe that it will only be a matter of time before fans and players alike recognise that Luis Scola represents the proverbial "steal of the summer".

An Exciting 2014 Season Awaits

These are but a handful of some of the top off-season roster moves that have been carefully thought out; management sometimes preparing for such acquisitions months in advance. While the strategy that is employed is formidable, the final results of these picks will only be seen in hindsight, naturally. Still, the aforementioned players truly do represent the literal best of the best when referring to unadulterated NBA talent. Let us hope that these young (and not so young) men live up to their reputations and the price tags that they are attached to. Should this be the case, 2014 will prove to be an interesting season indeed.

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