Quantcast 2013 NBA: Cavs vs. Kings


Cavs get blown out by Kings

The Sacramento Kings and the Cleveland Cavaliers have both been in high spirits as of late. Heading into Sunday night’s matchup, the Kings had won back-to-back games, over the Portland Trailblazers and Orlando Magic, and the Cavs had done the same, beating the Philadelphia 76ers and Utah Jazz after acquiring Luol Deng from the Chicago Bulls. Both clubs looked to continue their success in what was expected to be an exciting matchup.

But it proved to be just the opposite, as the Kings blew the Cavs out of Sleep Train Arena, 124-80. Sacramento was only leading by nine at halftime, but opened up the second half by scoring 16 unanswered points en route to their 44 point win. Isaiah Thomas led the young, up-and-coming Kings with 26 points, and made the Cleveland backcourt of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters look silly. Irving and Waiters didn’t show up offensively either, combining for just 11 points on 4-21 shooting. C.J. Miles replaced Waiters in the starting lineup because of his spectacular shooting over the last few games.

This loss was a huge blow to the morale of the Cavs. A 44 point loss to a 12-22 Kings team who lies at the bottom of the Western Conference doesn’t bode well for a team looking to make a push for the playoffs. To make the playoffs and actually compete and make it out of the first round, a team needs to show some form of consistency. The Cavs won big in their two games before going to Sacramento, but a mega-blowout loss to the Kings essentially erases any positivity that previously existed. Even though it is just one game, a complete breakdown like this from the Cavs shows that they are not ready at this point in time to advance past the regular season and be any sort of a threat in the postseason.

To regain confidence and momentum, the Cavs need to get some wins against good teams, something that haven’t had the chance to do since the Deng deal. They will face their first real test on Wednesday when they play the Trailblazers in Portland.




By: Jason Dobkin
Pro Basketball Fans Writer


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