Quantcast 2013 NBA: Detroit Pistons Blessed Fans


Detroit Sports, Fans should be Blessed


In Detroit we wear our passion for sports and certain players on our sleeves. We see athletes come and go, we scream when they play bad,  and want them gone with the next flight out of town.. When they play well , we say there the best player in the history of the sport and wanna be the first to say I told you. Yes were sick, but that's the passion we carry on our sleeves for Detroit sports and players.


But there are a few, very few that wore the superman cape in this town and are as beloved as an ice cream cone on a 95 degree day ,or a rainbow after a beautiful rainfall. The names are big, there legacys are much BIGGER and  Are love for there play and missing them playing is even BIGGER. 


Steve Yzerman and Nick Lidstrom, both were captains,  4  time stanley cup winners and just pure class on and off the ice. Stevie was a great center and a huge scorer , Nick was a great defenseman doing his best on stopping guys from scoring,  and you can say easily were both in the top 5 all time at there position.


Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas, what a backcourt.  Its not by accident they starting winning titles when in 1985 Joe was drafted and within a few games started with Isiah for years to come. Joe could shoot from anywhere and seemed to never hit iron. Isiah could penetrate and pass the ball like Only Dean Martin could gracefully sing a song. There defense was fierce and dominating,  we just need to ask Micheal Jordan. Unfortunately Isiahs career was cut short to an injury, but Joe went on build a winner and win a title as GM for the Pistons. 


Barry Sanders,  Billy Sims and Len Barney, or should I just say #20 for the Detroit Lions and we know the names. Lem Barney,  the Dion Sanders of his time, intercepting passes like it was stealing candy from a kid. Billy Sims absolutely memorizing,  the hurdles over players, the speed, the flash, the power and yes unfortunately , the gruesome knee injury in Minnesota. I still close my eyes and enjoy his runs. Then the state  of Oklahoma blessed us once again and in a big way, the great Barry Sanders.  Eyes were glued to the tv on football Sundays cause if you turned your eyes one second,  you missed the best player in football history in my opinion.  The 15 yard runs gaining just 2 yards, the 80 yr bursts,  the spin moves on a dime and the defensive players shredding there knees just trying to stop him were so unbelievable that when he retired,  we thought we lost a family member,  our Sundays were taken away, it was time to go back and rake leaves and cut grass on Sundays. Honorable mentions as life long Lions also are Joe Schmidt,  Alex  Karras, and Jeff Backus.


Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker, coming in together, getting over 2000 hits each, the double plays that  reminded you of Dean Martin's graceful voice and the special 1984 season that started 35-5. Ty Cobb the Georgia peach, the hits leader till Pete rose came along and a guy that would spike you before he would shake your hand.  AL Kaline playing right out of high school till he hit over 3000 hits and played right field better then Micheal Jackson doing the moonwalk. 


Will we ever stop booing players, I would say no,  but we can stop and remember what we had in this town. 





Fredi Bello, PizzaMan



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