Quantcast 2013 NBA: Detroit Pistons Joe Dumars


Joe Dumars my sports hero and a winner

Everyone, well almost everyone wants Joe Dumars fired. I'm not one of them. I remember when he was drafted in 1985 and came in off the bench and replaced John Long midway of a game and started ever since, and was part of 2 championships for the Detroit Pistons while being finals mvp in 1990 and has not known another organization other then the Detroit Pistons. Bill Davidson handed him the keys to the franchise and he landed us Ben Wallace and another championship this time  as GM. I can feel people rolling there eyes as a wrote all that,  but those are the facts. What else is a fact that he has drafted, we'll not to well,  has went thru coaches more then Kwame Kilpatrick went thru lawyers during his trial, and has thrown his free agent money allowence to the wrong players. But this is what I say about Joe Dumars,  when he was winning here, he had a leader as an owner, Bill Davidson,  himself as the GM , a leader in head coach,  Rick Carlyle and Larry Brown and leaders on floor, Ben Wallace and Chauncey billups,  and since the passing of Bill Davidson in 2009, the pistons have gone into a spiral,  but it's unfair to pin it all on Joe Dumars. Give him a solid owner who cares and he will build a winner again just as he did when he took over a failing somewhat franchise in 2000. I just hope it's here and not for another team. Mr Gore's we need you to be our Bill Davidson and for Joe Dumars more importantly. 


Fredi Bello,  Pizzaman




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